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About Us

EITRI is for people who desire to share and learn about transformative emotional intelligence (EI) for the personally meaningful development of self and those with whom they work. We hope you will support EITRI by joining and participating meaningfully in our association to help us develop emotional intelligence in the world. 

EITRI's Purpose

EITRI was established in 2006 based on requests from colleagues for a professional association and forum for communicating and exchanging information and ideas about positive EI assessment, related research, and transformative approaches for developing EI in people. Coordinated by Emotional Intelligence Learning Systems, Inc., EITRI remains a collegial association for individuals worldwide who are interested in training, education, applications, best practice examples, and research related to transformative EI.  

Promotes EI principles and learning model.

The Emotional Learning System©

Builds a sense of EI community. 

Participate in EITRI blogs & Member pages!

Gets people active & supports healthy, productive being.

Develop, strengthen, and enhance EI skills.

Educates about EI theory and best practices.

Read our journal articles and publish your EI research.

Get Involved

Our goal is to provide a forum and process for students, workers, and professionals interested in a collaborative, collegial network for engaging self, one another, and others in developing emotional intelligence skills.  Our mission is to help each other develop and deliver training, education, research, methodologies, and applications with transformative models of emotional intelligence. 

Member Participation

Benefits of EITRI membership include www access to current and previous volumes of the International Journal of Transformative Emotional Intelligence; discounts to our annual institutes for emotional intelligence, related training events, purchased assessment instruments and learning materials, and – based on membership level – additional member content as it is developed and added. Membership is appropriate for anyone interested in EI training, action research, theory and knowledge building, and best practice applications for school, work, and life.

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