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Friday, May 26, 2023

18:30 IST
15:00 CET
09:00 EDT
08:00 CDT
06:00 PDT

Warm Javelina Welcome by Dr. Rito Silva, Texas A&M University-Kingsville Vice President of Enrollment Services and Student Affairs.

Dr. Rito Silva's Bio

19:00 IST
15:30 CET
09:30 USET
08:30 USCT
06:30 USPT

Presenter: Dr. Jinamoni Sakia


Program Title: Being Emotionally Intelligent: Mindfulness for Managing Aggression, Positive Life Changes, and Enhancing Quality of Life

Emotional intelligence draws from branches of behavioral, emotional, and communications theories. How effectively one is dealing with his or her positive and negative emotions is the most important aspect in one’s life. Among the negative emotions anger is one, which is more common and leads to aggression when it is more intense and prolonged. Some techniques to reduce aggressiveness include emotional education, improving self-control and problem-solving skills.Mindfulness seems to be a popular trend adopted by researchers and practitioners for management of aggression. The Soles of the Feet (SoF) mindfulness intervention is effective in reducing aggressive behaviour. Mindfulness helps to improve behavioral and neurocognitive impairment, that can alter one's attitude or relation to thoughts, such that they are less likely to influence subsequent feelings and behaviors. Repeated mindfulness practice can lead to positive life changes, including reduced stress and anxiety, reduced chronic physical pain, a boosted immune system, the ability to cope with difficult life events such as change or the death of a loved one, the ability to deal with negative emotions, reduced  insomnia, increased self-awareness to detect harmful reactive patterns of thought, feeling and action, improved concentration, a greater sense of happiness and wellbeing, and reduced addictive behaviours. Thus, mindfulness practice  can be a successful way to develop competences that contribute to better personal and social well-being which will enhance the quality of life of humans.

Learning Objectives: 

1. Participants will learn about the role of  Soles of the Feet (SoF) practice to control their anger.

2. Participants will be able to know about the contribution of Mindful meditation towards positive life changes.

3. Participants will be able to channelize uncomfortable emotions through Mindfulness activities.

4. Develop an inner resilience and regain control.

Key Words: Mindfulness, Soles of the Feet (SoF), Practice, Mindfulness Meditation, Mindfulness Activities

Presenter Bio:

Dr. Jinamoni Sakia

20:15 IST
16:45 CET
10:45 USET
09:45 USCT
07:45 USPT

Presenter: Dr. Edward Clarke


Program Title: Students' Reflections – Before and After – The Transformative Role of EI
Transformative EI and the Emotional Skills Assessment Process® (ESAP®) has been used for many years in graduate research supervised by Dr. Clarke in the University of the Southern Caribbean. Dr. Clarke shares the research and personal learning from students’ perspectives on the transformative impact of EI on students' life, work, and relationships.

Learning Objectives:

1. Identify key themes from the PERL (personal, emotional, relational, & life) affective learning domains.

2. Understand the value of research with TEI and positive assessment as a part of the graduate-level experience.

3. Discover recommendations for implementing TEI curricula in graduate programs to authentically engage students in transformative learning for a positive career and life. 

Key Words: Self-Awareness, Relationship Management, Stress Management, Self-Esteem

Presenter Bio: 

Dr. Edward Clarke

21:15 IST
17:45 CET
11:45 USET
10:45 USCT
08:45 USPT

Presenter: Tiago Horta Reis Da Silva

Program Title: Activities and Case Studies to Understand How EI Impacts Nursing Students 

Learning Objectives: Stimulate EI skills and understanding.

Key Words: Self-Awareness, Self Regulation, Empathy, Compassion

Presenter Bio:
Tiago Horta Reis da Silva

22:15 IST
18:45 CET
12:45 USET
11:45 USCT
09:45 USPT

Presenter: Dr. Dave Rude


Program Title: EI & Action Learning: A Catalyst for Healthy Organizations

In this interactive session, Dave will introduce participants to Action Learning and how it builds high performing teams and organizations. As a team enabler, Action Learning will be explored in the context of transformative emotional intelligence. This will provide participants with an opportunity to take a real-world challenge and apply both Action Learning and EI concepts to helping solve that challenge. In so doing, Action Learning can be added to the EI scholar/practitioner tool-kit.

Learning Objectives: 

1. Explore how Action Learning can be a powerful enabler of transformative EI; 

2. Apply Action Learning and EI in a real-world context; 

3. Discover the role of EI in applying effective Action Learning techniques.

Key Words: Self Awareness, Social Awareness, Personal/Team/Organizational Excellence


Presenter Bio: 

Dr. Dave Rude

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