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Saturday, May 27, 2023

18:30 IST
15:00 CET
09:00 EDT
08:00 CDT
06:00 PDT

A Warm Javelina Welcome from Dr. Steve Bain
Founder of Texas A&M University System's
Institute for Rural Mental Health Initiatives (IRMHI)

19:00 IST
15:30 CET
09:30 USET
08:30 USCT
06:30 USPT

Presenter: Dr. Pragya Singh


Program Title: Emotional Transformational Intelligence

Dr. Signh will present her interpretation of emotional intelligence and how to use emotional intelligence in  a variety of situations and environments.  Real life examples will be used to demonstrate the role of emotional intelligence for enhancing relationships and quality of life. 

Learning Objectives: 

1. Enhancement of the emotional quotient which is quite important than IQ.

2. To think critically and strategically and to develop the ability to identify emotional steps and design appropriate courses of action.

3. Successfully develop emphatical behavior towards self and others.

Key Words: Emotions, Attitudes, Emotional Competencies, Emotional Transformation.

Presenter Bio:

Dr. Pragya Singh

20:15 IST
16:45 CET
10:45 USET
09:45 USCT
07:45 USPT

Presenter: Fernando Gutierrez, Ana Laura Ramirez, & Karen Ilanit

Program Title: Update on the Development of our Sixth Sense: An OWLitude Approach
Come enjoy a fun update on the state of our system; a system that emphasizes organizational learning and continuous improvement. It is slowly evolving to include students, teachers, and community as a whole. We now have the data to reflect on our teaching and processes to guide positive change. We are in a position where we obtain feedback and analyze it to inform the effectiveness of our system and efforts. Our goal is to take you on a journey in which you will experience the effects of redefining our educational system enhanced with the transformational power of TEI.

Learning Objectives:
1. Understand how our school is using Transformative Emotional Intelligence to create a positive learning environment for students, teachers, and parents. 
2. Learn about a new positive assessment instrument created for our school by Emotional Intelligence Learning Systems, Inc., the Emotional Intelligence Domains Assessment Process® (EIDAP®)​. 

Key Words:  Emotions Attitudes, Emotional Competencies, Emotional Transformation.

Presenter Bios: 
Fernando Gutierrez
Anal Laura Ramirez
Karen Ilanit

21:15 IST
17:45 CET
11:45 USET
10:45 USCT
08:45 USPT

Presenter: Dr. Merideth Erickson

Program Title: Emotional Intelligence as a Leader Coach

Leader coaching is about connecting with individuals, inspiring them to reach their highest potential, and helping them grow in their roles. Leaders develop their own styles, however there are several components that all successful leader coaches should practice: solution focused thinking, active listening, empathy, building resilience, and cultivating new leaders. The participants will learn five high impact strategies for effective leader coaching, useful insights on how to motivate others while handling resistance, as well as action steps to improve your leader coach skillset. 

Learning Objectives:

  1. Five high impact strategies for effective leader coaching, 

  2. Useful insights on how to motivate others while handling resistance, as well as action steps to improve your leader coach skillset utilizing emotional intelligence

Key Words: Empathy, Self-awareness, Self-regulation, Motivation, Social Skills, Relationship Building, Active Listening, Integrity, Well-placed boundaries

Presenter Bio:
Dr.Merideth Erickson

22:15 IST
18:45 CET
12:45 USET
11:45 USCT
09:45 USPT

Presenter: Drs. Gary Low & Rick Hammett


Program Title: Dialogue With Participants

Bring your questions, ideas, and learnings to share during this closing session. 

Learning Objectives: Learn about the non-profit TEI Foundation.

Key Words: Gary R. Low Personal Excellence Scholarship for Learning and Teaching TEI, Darwin B. Nelson Research Grant to extend TEI research. 


Presenter Bios: 


Gary Low

Rick Hammett

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